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The Seven Mistakes All Novice Traders Make and How to Correct Them

Posted on April 6, 2022 by Donald Travers

We learnt the following the hard way! If any of these things applies to you, do not worry - there is a simple solution!

Lack of Knowledge and No Plan

It amazes us that some people expect to trade the stock market successfully with no effort. Yet if they would like to take up golf, as an instance, they will gladly take some courses or read a book before going out on the program.

The stock exchange isn't the place for the ill informed. But learning what you need is simple - you just need someone to show you the way.

The other extreme of this is those traders who spend their life searching for the Holy Grail of trading! Been there, done that!

The truth is, there's no Holy Grail. But the great thing is that you don't need it. Our trading system is extremely effective, easy to learn and very low risk.

Unrealistic Expectations

Many novice traders expect to make a gazillion dollars by next Thursday. Or they begin to compose their resignation letter before they've placed their first trade!

Now, do not get us wrong. The stock exchange can be a excellent way to replace your present income and for creating wealth but it does require time. Not a lot, but a few.

So don't tell your boss where to place his job, just yet!

Other beginners feel that trading could be 100% accurate all of the time. Obviously this is unrealistic. However, the best thing is that with our methods you just need to receive 50-60% of your transactions"right" to be successful and highly profitable.

Listening to Others

When traders first begin they frequently feel as though they know nothing and everyone else has the answers. So they listen to all of the news reports and so called"experts" and get completely confused.

We'll demonstrate ways to get to know all you will need to know and so never have to follow anyone else, ever again!

Getting in the Way

By this we mean letting your self or your emotions get in the way of doing what you know you will need to do.

Once you first begin to trade it's quite tricky to control your emotions. Fear and greed can be overpowering. Deficiency of subject; lack of patience and above confidence are simply some of the other issues that most of us face.

It's critical you know how to control this aspect of trading. There's also another key that almost nobody appears to discuss. But more about that another time!

Poor Money Management

It never ceases to amaze us how many traders do not know the critical nature of money management and the associated subject of risk management.

This is a important component of trading. If you do not get this right you not only will not be prosperous, you won't endure!

Fortunately, it's not complicated to address and the basic steps we can show you will make certain you don't"blow up" and that you get to keep your gains.

Just Trading Market in 1 Direction

Most new traders just learn how to exchange a rising market. And hardly any traders know excellent strategies for trading in a falling market.

If you don't learn to trade"both" sides of the current market, you're drastically limiting the amount of transactions you can take. And this restricts the amount of money that can be made.

We can show you a simple strategy that lets you profit when stocks fall.


Most dealers new to trading believe they must be in the market all the time to make any real money. And they see trading opportunities when they are not even there (we have been there too).